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Good Riddance Merceditas Guttierez

I was almost impressed by Pres. Nonoy Aquino’s reaction in saying that the resignation of Ombudsman M. Guttierez is not personal. He says that with Guttierez gone, so are some of the enigmas that we faced that is a waste of our time. Hmmmnnnn, I wonder what is it that is so mystifying with OMG that he wants us to be thankful for her “concern” on the welfare of the state. Really Pnoy, what is it exactly that we should be grateful for? Are we supposed to be grateful when she should not have been considered by the Judicial Bar Council in the first place because she is not exactly brilliant, according to our great statesman Jovito Salonga for failing the bar exam.

This is truly worrisome and I am afraid that you are enabling the haters insisting that you are clueless. I want Pnoy to succeed but it bothers me that Pnoy haters may have a point when asked if he will hold Guttierez accountable his response while it sounded grounded is troublesome:
Unfortunately, one of the problems of this country is it takes six years to adjudicate a case. I have five years two months left. I cannot go after everybody that I think we can file charges upon. Hindi puwedeng lahatan. I'm not saying hindi siya priority but there are people who have higher priority.
Merceditas Gutierrez, Bar-Flunker
It makes me wonder if Pnoy has a real appreciation of the corruption problem and is just mouthing his tuwid na landas (straight path) because it sounds good. First of all Aquino was elected president and supported by the people who longs for meaningful change. As such he is the acknowledged leader or is he not aware of that? A leader sets the tone and direction of where the nation is headed but at the rate he makes excuses where exactly do you think we are headed? If the president lay down a solid foundation it does not matter whether he cannot the finish the job but what matters is setting the tone towards good governance. In short once you up the ante the future president to follow in your footstep will have no choice but to step up the same plate or even better because it is expected of them to do no less.

Now what kind of an excuse is that when he says we can’t hold everyone accountable, is he not together with the judiciary and police agencies not just morally but duty bound in their oath of office to uphold the law without fear or favor? Is that not being selective once again as has always been the case thus we never see an end to hooligan thievery if not plunder among politicians once they are in the cheat errr seat of power?

I wonder what is it that makes him so indecisive when his platform of governance was supposedly rooted on a straight path. It is bad enough that the problem of inept Arroyo appointee left over has not been resolved, but what is worse is when Pnoy re-appoints some of them. Some of whom are not exactly without controversy as we are seeing now with the Plunder Case being readied by former Solicitor General Frank Chavez.

Now, if I may ask. When Guttierez asked that her security be retained was that a condition for her resignation? It is not as if the kotong republic errr the republic is a washed with dinero but I think that was a little bit on the soft side. Why did Pnoy not countered that she should not worry about security if she spilled the beans pronto. If she is jailed she will be in the most secure place complete with guards…. Guards guarding her 24 hours a day seven days a week, now that’s the best security she can have except that they are there to ensure she does not attempt to escape. That’s like hitting two birds in one stone, she gets what she wants and a tremendous savings because the prison is an existing facility avoiding the extra expense if she is mobile.

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