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Ax and charge the Pacquiao-Bradley judges; Get back the belt from Bradley.

Justice will always cry as along as the injustice is not punished. Our children need to be taught a lesson that cheating is unacceptable and this can be done if they know justice is rendered.

The call for justice dictates clearly that Manny Pacquiao won the fight as it was a one-sided fight. There was not any doubt Pacman won over Timothy Bradley. It was never a close-call fight but the three judges scored it as if it was a close call. All who watch the fight can attest to that and they are all intelligent enough to understand how boxing is scored.

There is a necessity for these tough acts to be done to stop the repetition of THE BIGGEST ROBBERY OF BOXING VICTORY committed by the judges.

The conscience of the world is revolting.

In this case, the three judges decided contrary to what hundreds of millions saw on television. The three judges, in reality, cannot be better judges than the people who watched the fight.

Proof that the judges committed the crime of swindling or racketeering are as follows:

  1.  The video of the 12 rounds of fight clearly shows a victory for Pacquiao;
  2.  The boos that rained on the ring when the judges' close-call decision was being announced.
  3. Boxing experts called it a rout by Pacquiao over Bradely: Kevin Lole of Yahoo Sports scored it 117-111 for Pacman; Tim Dahlberg of AP and Steve Carp of Las Vegas Review. Dan Rafael of ESPN had it 118-110 for Pac and HBO’s Harold Lederman had it 119-109, still for Pac, to name a few.
  4. The revered Teddy Atlas called it heavily in favor of Pacquiao.
  5.  Expert Oscar dela Hoya said it was a clear win by Pacman.
  6.  Expert Floyd Mayweather Sr. saw it a clear win by Pacquiao.
  7. The compubox scored it heavily in favor of Pacquiao: (a) Total Punches Landed/Thrown -- Pacquiao 34% (253/751) vs Bradley 19% (159/839; (b) Jabs Landed/Thrown -- Pacquiao 24% (63/258) vs Bradley 11% (51/449); and (c) Power Punches Landed/Thrown -- Pacquiao 39% (190/493) vs Bradley 28% (108/390).
  8. The injuries suffered by Bradley compelled him to sit on a wheelchair after the fight and this is a mute but powerful manifestation of the overpowering punches that Pacquiao landed on him.

STOP GAME-FIXING! It is revolting for the children to see that.

We demand for Nevada Boxing Commission to ax the three judges: (a) Jerry Roth who scored it as a close call at 115-113 for Pacquiao when it was not a close call after all, that his score was part of the bigger plot to rob those who placed their bets for Pacquiao; (b) Judge C.J. Ross scored it 115-113 for Bradley when the otherwise was very clear; and (c) Duane Ford had it 115-113 for Bradley when he knew well it was unbelievable.

We demand for the Nevada Boxing Commission to charged the three judges with the crime of swindling or racketeering that caused damaged in millions of dollars to the betters who legally placed their bets.

We demand for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) to get back the belt from Bradley.

Let us teach the children of the world well. Let us send a clear message to the children that it is unacceptable to render manifestly unjust judgment.

Read more on the petition and sign it at this link: Petition to ax judges and get Pacquiao's belt back.

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