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Change Mantra in the Pacquiao & Honasan Era

There is no denying that change is happening in the Philippines. Nah, not the change mantra that we hear from the US President Barack Obama, but change in the Philippine context. Oh no, I digress, I can’t say change in the Philippine context, then it would mean it is a Filipino thing, which is unfair since it is also happening in other parts of the world. Why even progressive nations seems to be going in that direction but trust me it is not going to happen because there are more sensible people in progressive nations to allow the degeneration.

Look around and you will see the change but if one is so exposed to these “screwed” moment one will not even notice the transformation. In logic what is abnormal in an abnormal situation is normal, true or false? Of course while the abnormal becomes normal it does not follow that it is the right thing to do or in short that is exactly a sign that we are screwed.

There are apocalyptic signs everywhere, ok not exactly apocalyptic but the drama in me tends to picture the change in such fashion. What’s wrong with change anyway when the only thing that is permanent in this world is change? True also but change that we consciously work and strive for is always considered a good change but who am I to say that the change we are seeing now is not the result of collective effort consciously or unconsciously?

So what are the signs that we are screwed? Well, if we look at how tongress errrr better known as the den of thieves oooops I meant legislative body wherein they criminalized libel (a feat that makes us stand out among corrupt nations) and how it is being utilized as part of the powerful and their kibitzers arsenal for silencing the press and their enemies, that is a definitely a sign that we are screwed.

Mohammad Boy Aquia a car theft syndicate leader suspect believed to be the national fist Manny Pacquiao’s kibitzer or was he a real close “friend” or was it close associate has the gall to sue Mindanews journalist Edwin Espejo for libel. Ang lagay errr I meant how exactly do the fixcals ooops sorry for the typo error it was fiscals and judges allow or entertain suit of this nature.

Can you imagine if John “Teflon Don” Gotti sues journalist in the US for libel the uproar and indignation it will create? But not in the Philippines where Pacquiao is worshipped like god thus even his friends or anyone that gets associated with him legitimately or not seems to delude themselves that they have instantly earned a clean reputation. How exactly does one tarnish a reputation that has none to begin with? All because the journalist decided to report on his escape from arrest according to his police sources by walking to Pacquiao and riding in his car with the people’s chump este champ all the way to Pacquiao’s mansion. Now how exactly is that libelous if one is a suspected criminal evading arrest? Unless, the numb nut considers being with Pacquiao tarnishes his reputation but that also does not prove anything or probable cause for a libel case.

I can understand Pacquiao from suing the journalist if it was not true but then again how can you sue when the journalist swears by his source who happens to be police authorities getting frustrated by lawmakers in their police work, now that is ironic to say the least. The problem is no one probably explained to our national pride and glory how crooked our libel law that is condemned by international human rights organizations. For someone who says he wants to be the change or lead in changing society towards progress he seems to have a knack for using the Trapos arsenal in silencing dissent or even plain run of the mill journalistic stories. Perhaps he has been hit so many times in the head thus the awkward position Pacquiao’s take, but he has to learn fast lest he gets elected in higher position and forever gets us screwed instead of moving us forward.

The biggest screw ball so far is Gregorio “Gringgo” Honasan giving the nation a lecture on “organized hypocrisy” regarding the impeachment trial of Renato Corona. The man responsible for a number of failed coup attempts lecturing the nation on "kindness." The guy who was a fugitive for a long time talking about "due process" as if he is the best example is the height of criminal hypocrisy and of course a sign that we are screwed.

I can’t believe the ignorance that is coming out of Honasan, and this guy is a lawmaker? He says we could have been more “kinder” and “compassionate” in nor dragging Corona’s children into the impeachment trial. His point is like watching dumb and dumber movie who truly I believe truly thinks he is right on with his theoretical absurdity on wealth transfer.

There is nothing wrong with transferring properties to your children, but not paying taxes in doing so is so very wrong. Ultra-rich people help their children financially but they take the trust fund route unlike Renato Corona who seems to have the propensity to "build" his children's financial stability and freedom through expensive condominiums and lots in exclusive enclaves. True there is nothing wrong with that but what Gringgo Honasan fails to take into account is the affordability factor. Surely anyone who can count unless one is schooled in the backdoor Comelec operator math wizardry will be able to figure out Corona did not have enough income to justify the purchases. Oh well but when one is exposed for so long to endemic corruption as in what is abnormal in an abnormal situation is normal is exactly how Honasan’s mind has been molded.

You know we are screwed when taboos become the norm and sadly in the Philippines they take the rights of criminals too seriously that they trump the rights of law abiding citizens. But then again we are screwed for so long that our protestations and indignation are not enough to stop their shameless perversion of society’s norms.

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