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Child rape victim "Carla" needs urgent help

Public Service: Urgent assistance needed for a child rape victim, please pass this on to any good soul you think can help.

Poverty in the Philippines due to its enormity oftentimes numb us to even notice the kind of predicament, pain, and sufferings they faced on a daily basis. Is it because it is so overwhelming that we feel helpless ourselves even worse than the people who really needs our help badly?

There are times when we just can’t ignore the sufferings of downtrodden people that we witnessed around us. It is a given that we are not in a position in our lonesome to help everyone but we can definitely make a difference if we try to gather just a few of our family and friends to uplift their miserable existence, one precious life at a time. This is exactly what Jun Del Rosario of JDR Mission in a group he started with a couple of friends at Facebook is showing us that it can be done.

Pedestrian Observer GB was created as a socio-political blog but the plight of this child barely in her teens we shall call “Carla” makes our heart bleed to make an exception and share her predicament in hopes that someone out there with a good heart will lend a helping hand.

Couples deciding to make babies should know the responsibilities that goes with bringing precious life to this world, but if they are unaware that they are liable to make one, should and must realize not just their responsibility, but their moral obligation as well to provide an environment conducive to child rearing. We are not in a position to judge people not knowing the circumstance that led to their decision, but what is difficult to grasp is how can people give away their child just because their relationship did not work out. It’s bad enough that “Carla” 7 to 8 years ago a child at 5 or 6 years of age was given up by her parents when they separated. A child is not a material object or a pet to be discarded like a possession to be given away to a family in Brgy. Villahermosa, Calubian, Leyte where she works as errand girl/house help by her grandmother.

“Carla’s” sad plight one can only wish, should end when she was discarded like a pet, but this is the real world where we live in, made ugly by people bereft of conscience whose criminal action is dictated by their raging hormones. A 19 year old neighbor responsible for the rape of “Carla” who is now 7 months pregnant thinking he can escape from his pedophilia activity is now in hiding. One can only ask what the local police in Leyte are doing to get this pedophile out of the street ,or is it because they just don’t care since this child has no family to turn to that really cares for her. Equally baffling is what exactly are the pedophile’s family doing? Are they in denial and supporting their criminal family member in escaping his criminal responsibility?

The problem is “Carla” needs our help badly now asap, being a child she will have to undergo cesarean operation that will cost P20K or roughly the equivalent of US $465.84. She is also open to have her baby adopted and if there is anyone out there who wants to adopt a child to rear and care as if he/she were their own we can turn her sad plight into hopefully a positive outcome.

It will be great if we can help this child financially and at the same time hold the pedophile and his family accountable for the abuse and cruelty they subject this poor innocent child. Nothing can be more rewarding to see a pedophile taken out off the street and rehabilitated in jail, and his family financially held liable for “Carla’s” physical and emotional medical needs.

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