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Cheating NOT Delicadeza.....

Gil Ramos of Movement for Free Philippines Open Letter to Ducky Paredes article; Delicadeza: Who Has It? Who Does Not? published 7/2/07 Malaya.

hi ducky,

i think your comments on Nene and delicadeza are out of bounds.

the issue is about cheating in these elections. by all accounts there are some elements who are hell bent on forcing a migz zubiri win even if he was not actually chosen by the poeple to sit as a senator.

you take it against nene and koko that they are father and son and that they will be sitting together in the senate. this father and son relationship was a well known fact even before the onset of these efforts to force a fake zubiri win on the nation. and the people have spoken and have chosen KOKO over MIGZX.

the issue of political dynasties which you seem to advert to is a sequitur here since there is no law which prohibits koko the son of senator nene and migx the son of governor zubiri to run for the office of senator. in masbate we even have a husband and wife team sitting as governor and congressman respectively and they are not in violation of any law. the only way to eliminate political dynasties as a significant phenomena in our politics is through building strong political institutions and parties which is the current state in mature democracies. like the law of supply and demand we cannot make it go away or repeal it by legislation as what the President Ramon Magsaysya supposedly wanted to do. we have to work at it and build strong political institutions which will be able to contain and check the emergence of related personalities into positions of power. this is the situation in the US where even as the Kennedy's and the Bush'es emerged as dynasties still they were under check by the laws and conventions of that mature democracy. that is what we should strive for in the country and i believe that Senator Nene Pimentel who was the founder of the Partido Demokratiko ng Pilipinas during the Martial Law Years was striving for such goals. and he suffered imprisonment and all forms of harrassment from the Marcos dictatorship while you and i were safe and secure in the good old USA in Honolulu, HI.

as a former colleauge in the Movement for a Free Philippines which fought the Marcos dictatorship i was expecting you to see the side of the Pimentel's here - a family who played a significant part in that episode of our nations history and not the side of the elitist dynast like the Zubiris who were in bed with the Marcoses at that time. I do not know what personal grudge you carry against nene pimentel but i will take his version of delicadeza over yours anytime.

the issue is cheating not delicadeza. i hope you are able to get your priorities in terms of moral indignation right on these issues.


gil r, ramos ph.d.
Exicutive Director
Movement for a Free

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